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How to break into virtual assistant work and land your first paying client in the next 90 days
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Wondering what it really takes to work online,
from home as a kickass virtual assistant?
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Here's what we'll cover in the free masterclass for aspiring VAs →
  • The 5 core types of services you can offer to clients who will pay at least $20-$40 an hour for your work — even as a total beginner — and how to tell which one is the right fit for your natural talents, skills and experience.
  • What you DO and DON'T need to get started as a VA (and where I see so many smart virtual assistants wasting their time and money on things that don't move the needle).
  • How to finally feel READY enough to reach out to potential clients (instead of stressing out that you have no idea what you're doing and are doomed to fail. Deeeeep breath now!)

    And for the enthusiastic action takers...

  • Learn a super simple 3-sentence script you can use to land your very first client by the end of the masterclass (I'll share it with ya in the first 5 minutes!)
Hey, friend! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I'm Gina Horkey, founder of Horkey HandBook and #FullyBookedVA
In early 2014, I didn't even know that working online as a virtual assistant was 'a thing.'  Suffice it to say, my entire world opened up when I found out!

You see, I was desperate for a career change and to find some type of work that was fulfilling and that I was passionate about. But as the breadwinner of our young family of four (now five!) I was also a bit leery...

I didn't understand that people just like you and me were able to build sustainable businesses helping other small business owners from afar and get paid hundreds or thousands of dollars each month in the process.

You mean I could work from anywhere in the world (in my yoga pants) if I wanted? Without having to join an MLM, sell my soul or go back to school to get another degree?

👉 Could this new-fangled online business schtick really work for me?

👉 Would it really replace my cushy, dependable salary in personal finance?

Over the last 7 years, I've helped hundreds of people just like you build and grow their own successful virtual assistance business, from the ground up, quickly and effectively. 

I hate wasting my time (you too?) — so here's how to tell if this masterclass is for you...
  • You've got no clue which services you should offer to potential clients, at what price, and you're overwhelmed by the all the options
  • You're worried that you're "not ready enough" to put yourself out there and don't want to screw up, let someone down or get rejected
  • You're not sure how to actually go about working with clients, getting paid, and keeping them happy
  • You need help understanding if becoming a VA is a viable option for you, your goals, and the responsibilities you've got on your plate (like kids and other adult-y things!)
  • You just need some no-nonsense advice on how to get started (and succeed) from someone who's done it — and helped thousands of people like you do it too...
... then pull up a chair, bring your notebook + ☕️ and let's talk about 3 simple shifts to make virtual assisting happen for you.

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