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Client Contract Template
We worked with an attorney to create an Independent Contractor Services Agreement for you to use with your first clients! Having a contract in place with your clients is an excellent way to:
  • Start things off on the right foot and clearly outline the details of your working relationship.
  • Make sure expectations are clear from the get-go to avoid any "awkward moments." 😬
  • Professionally address any challenges that may come up in the future, like scope creep (i.e. when you're being asked by your client to do more but your pay isn't reflecting the additional time/services).
Price: $200
Sale Price: $50
3 Pitching Templates 
That Convert
Here are three customizable templates targeted toward the best places to find those first Virtual Assistant clients, including a pitch tracker to keep you organized and on track! With these templates you'll have:
  • Pitching templates you can customize to your voice and style – so you'll know exactly what to say to potential clients and how to reach out!
  • "How-tos" and Pro Tips so you can make the absolute most of these templates and land your first client (or few!) – ASAP!
  • A simple, clear way to keep track of who you've reached out to so you can follow up and seriously up your odds of getting hired!
Price: $100
Sale Price: $50
Virtual Assistant Resume Template & Video Tutorial
You DON'T need a website to get started as a VA... Or even to be successful! All you need is a clear, professional way to present your services. We've made it super easy for you with this template and video tutorial by:
  • Showing you what business owners really want to know – and what they don't.
  • Giving you a turnkey template so you know exactly where to put what in a visually captivating way that potential clients will love (and respond to!).
  • Providing you with a simple, clean way to present yourself as a legitimate professional and market your Virtual Assistant services – so you'll get hired! 
Price: $100
Sale Price: $50
Jumpstart Mini-Course
Want to find out if being a Virtual Assistant is right for you? How about learning how to land your first client project and earn back your investment in 30 days or less? In the Jumpstart mini-course you will:
  • Learn what it takes to get started as a Virtual Assistant (spoiler alert: you already have the skills to get up and running right away!).
  • Find out what kinds of services you can offer right now to start earning income quickly while you build your business.
  • Learn where to start looking for that first client immediately to cut out the guesswork and get the ball rolling on your business quickly.
Price: $100
275+ Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant
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  • 275+ services you can offer as a virtual assistant – you'll find yourself saying, "I can do that!" and "I LOVE doing that already!" more times than you can count!
  • The skills inventory process you can use to identify the valuable skills and abilities that you already possess and can market to clients.
  • Our self-assessment workbook that will help you decide what virtual assistant services you plan to offer clients, so you can start looking for opportunities to earn today!
  • Some amazing student success stories that'll leave you inspired and motivated!
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